• Tongue Diagnosis
  • Attending Your Appointment
  • COVID 19 Safety


In Traditional Chinese Medicine we look at your tongue, it helps us gain a picture of your health. Please take a photo of your tongue by standing in natural daylight where possible, such as in front of a window. Place your tongue out in a relaxed way and open your mouth wide, so that I can see the back of your tongue. Please email this photo to me before your appointment. 

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What to do

Eating Before a Treatment:
Please ensure that you have eaten between 1 to 2 hours before a treatment so you are not hungry when you arrive. If you are eating 1 hour before the treatment, please eat lightly as it is not good to receive a treatment on a full stomach.

Alcohol/Drug Consumption:
Drinking Alcohol or taking Recreational Drugs on the day of the treatment, particularly after the treatment, can impair its efficacy, and can sometimes cause lightheadedness or excessive lethargy. This will usually pass after a good night’s sleep.

After your treatment:
Where possible engage in relaxing activities.  You should not do vigorous aerobic exercise after your treatment, as this will mask the effect of the treatment and stress your body.  Acupuncture can be deeply relaxing or energising.  My experience is that most people are deficient in sleep and usually acupuncture can trigger the need for rest and deep, restorative sleep. 

Care & Safety

  • Wear your own facemask or other face covering when entering the premises, though this might need to be removed during treatment. Wearing a facemask is a precaution as we will be in close contact in a confined space for a prolonged time.
  • On entering the premises, please wash your hands or use the hand sansitiser in the treatment room.
  • During your treatment, where practicable, I will leave you in the treatment room alone once the needles are in. I will be nearby should you need me.

Vaccination – I have received two COVID-19 vaccinations and tests have confirmed I have antibodies against the virus.  This protection is thought to significantly reduce transmission of the virus.