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December 14, 2012 0 comments Pain and Injury

What do I mean by “spinal health”? Well, out of the spine exits all the nerves that enable our brain to control and communicate with our body.  Making sure this communication system works, is the key to good health; not only for the back, but also for every organ, muscle and cell in our body.  I explain more in this article.


Introducing Spinal Acupuncture

Recently I completed an advanced course on Spinal Acupuncture.  The system combines traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture with an in-depth understanding of how the nervous system works, together with advanced needling manipulation.  This is a combination that has great therapeutic effects.  Essentially your nerves exit the spine to control the whole body, including muscles and organs.  So Spinal Acupuncture not only helps neck and back pain but your digestion too!  The photo shows Spinal Acupuncture for arthritis in the spine.  This person suffers particularly from neck and mid-to-lower back pain.  It might look like a lot of needles, but this feels great for the patient.  I will often use heat from a special far infra-red lamp (called a TDP lamp) or moxa (a Chinese Herb) to enhance muscle relaxation and increase blood flow for maximum healing effect.

How Does Spinal Acupuncture Work?

Spinal Acupuncture uses the central nervous system to treat the whole body.  I use the needles in two different ways.  Firstly, I can inhibit the nervous system by easing nerves and reducing pain, muscular spasm and ache. The insertion of the needle activates the immune system and the resulting immune cells reduce inflammation in the area, which eases pain.  Secondly, I can strengthen the nerves by increasing muscle tone, and promoting blood circulation to the extremities and internal organs.  Specific spinal nerves control specific internal organs, which can be regulated to bring about comprehensive changes and wellbeing to the whole body.  An example of how nerves can work with needle stimulation is sciatica. The sciatic nerve exits the low back and travels down the leg to the foot.  At any point, a person may feel pain in the leg and buttock, but the irritation or impingement of the nerve could be where it exits from the spine and not where the pain is felt. Spinal Acupuncture is very effective in these cases. It can also help ease distressing neurological symptoms such as paralysis, loss of strength, numbness, coldness and so on.

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