Preparing for birth

Safe, pregnancy acupuncture in East Dulwich and Crystal Palace

Prepare for an efficient labour and birth of your baby

Acupuncture for birth

The Benefits

“I have extensive experience and a wide variety of techniques at my finger-tips to help you experience the best birth.  By integrating both my Chinese and Western medical knowledge with awareness of the emotional effects of hormones, I can offer a truly individualised approach.”

  • Getting baby into the optimal birth position. If baby is breech treatment is best at 34 weeks but can be done as late as 36 or 37 weeks.  Back-to-back presentation can be helped later in pregnancy and will make labour more efficient.
  • Addressing pelvic imbalances. We can rebalance strained buttock muscles, back pain, pubic symphysis pain and wider pelvic pain.
  • Emotional preparation. Dealing with any anxiety, fear, sadness and even anger.  Is mum worried about being out of control, losing her dignity, or being watched; yet not able to voice these concerns?  The body is designed to slow labour down if a woman does not feel safe. In Chinese Medicine emotions are closely linked to problems in the body.
  • Enhancing your body’s own natural painkillers. Women produce their own endorphins in the final week of pregnancy and acupuncture (in particular electroacupuncture) can enhance this effect throughout the pregnancy. The ‘feel-good’ endorphins released by electroacupuncture last 3 to 5 days in the body and help you feel relaxed and calm.
  • Understanding how to use acupressure to promote an efficient labour. Acupressure is pressing acupuncture points on the body during labour and can be used by you or your birth partner. Acupressure is easy and fun to learn.

How it Works

Your initial consultation (60 minutes) will start from about 37 weeks (if you have previously given birth earlier then we may need to start earlier than 37 weeks).  You will be given advice on body acupressure and ear acupressure to use during birth.  Then this will be followed by four follow up sessions

If you are overdue we can add extra treatments to facilitate labour.  Birth can happen between 37 and 42 weeks in an uncomplicated pregnancy but usually there is pressure to be induced well before 42 weeks even in healthy pregnancies.   The final stage of acupuncture birth preparation is stimulating uterine contractions.  This treatment can be done daily or every two days if time permits.

You might be interested in reading about clients I have treated in the past, though these are chosen as more complicated interventions: Twin pregnancy, rib pain.  Birth afterpains. 

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Initial Consultation (60 Mins) £80

Follow up (45 Mins)

£75 single sessions

£280 four session package (£70 per session)

£520 eight session package (£65 per session)

If you have any sessions from your package that you are not able to take, you can use them for postnatal support or gift them to family or friends.  In exceptional circumstances you can be refunded for sessions not taken.  All packages are time-limited, extendable at my discretion.