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Autumn is seen as drying and adversely impacts on our lungs and Wei Qi (broadly translated as the immune system), leaving us prone to coughs and colds. So keep healthy by eating plenty of foods that support the lungs, such as juicy pears, tofu and eggs. Chinese Medicine incorporates nature, especially in its adage: “ Live with the Seasons.”  In the Autumn, everything contracts and moves inward and downward.  Leaves and fruit fall, seeds dry, some plants return to their roots for winter.  To begin the process of contraction in line with Autumn, Chinese Medicine recommends adding more sour flavoured foods to our food, such as vinegar, yogurt, lemons, grapefruit and so on.  Try chopping up an organic or unwaxed lemon and put in a jug of water.  It gives the water a refreshing taste, as well as helping your Wei Qi. Also more warming and concentrated foods are advised, by baking and roasting to concentrate flavours and energy, which ‘thicken the blood’ for cooler weather.