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Having your best pregnancy is not only good for you, its beneficial for baby too. Practices in East Dulwich and Crystal Palace.

Safe, effective and supportive care for your pregnancy

Acupuncture During Pregnancy

The Benefits

“First, you need to know acupuncture is safe and effective during pregnancy. Second, I have extensive experience of supporting pregnant women, including high-risk pregnancies, from conception through to birth.”

Acupuncture can help you to have a healthy pregnancy, relieving many of the discomforts of pregnancy and preparing you for a good labour and recovery.  Acupuncture offers a safe, effective and drug free treatment option during pregnancy.  Research shows no records of serious adverse events in the pregnancy-related systematic reviews.

You can consider Chinese Medicine in pregnancy for many reasons, including:

Acupuncture is beneficial before you become pregnant.  Indeed the groundwork for a good pregnancy and healthy baby happens before you even get pregnant. This is especially so for women with underlying health issues, such as those with fibroids, diabetes, endometriosis, overweight, autoimmune diseases and so on.  Planning at least three months ahead of conception is best and this means you are less likely to have a complicated pregnancy, easier birth and healthy baby.  If you are not currently pregnant, consider my Fertility Acupuncture or my Fertility IVF support.

How it Works

I’ve extensive experience of treating low and high-risk pregnancies.  Sometimes I see women throughout their pregnancy. This is especially the case if they’ve struggled to get pregnant in the first place or had previous miscarriages or difficult pregnancies.  At your initial consultation (60 minutes) I will take a full medical history, discussing your health concerns and exploring your treatment options and then devise a schedule of treatments.  

Client pregnancy stories – Read about some of the clients I’ve treated during pregnancy: Birth afterpains ,Twin pregnancy, rib pain.

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Acupuncture in pregnancy for pregnant woman

OBstetric acupuncture Details

Initial Consultation (60 Minutes)


Follow Up Sessions (45 Mins)

£75 single sessions

£280 four session package (£70 per session)

£520 eight session package (£65 per session)

If you have any sessions from your package that you are not able to take, you can gift them to family or friends.  In exceptional circumstances you can be refunded for sessions not taken.  All packages are time-limited, extendable at my discretion.