Optimising your health

Acupuncture together with lifestyle changes can reduce the significant health risks associated with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and improve fertility.

We navigate you to a better, healthier life.

PCOS Optimising Your Health Programme

The Benefits

“I’m offering you a programme with evidence-based acupuncture treatment and which also takes a deep dive into your diet using Nutritional Therapy.  If you are unsure whether you want to see a nutritionist we can discuss this at your initial consultation”

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrine metabolic disorder, which results in out of control blood sugar levels, fertility issues and sensitivity to stress leading to heightened anxiety and depression. We can offer you a safe, natural and effective way to manage these and many other symptoms.  In a nutshell, you’ll feel a whole lot better and get your life back on track.

Acupuncture helps to rebalance your hormone levels. Research has shown it increases blood flow to the ovaries, reduces the number of ovarian cysts, controls hyperglycaemia through increasing insulin sensitivity and decreasing blood glucose and insulin levels, reducing cortisol and assisting in weight loss.  We will follow an adapted protocol developed by research which is customised for your constitution according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Nutritional Therapy will identify potential hormonal imbalances, nutrient requirements or lifestyle factors that may be contributing to PCOS. By bringing hormones back into balance, we should reduce unwanted symptoms of PCOS and improve outcomes for fertility and pregnancy.

How it Works

We offer a programme of Acupuncture and Nutritional Therapy taken over three to four months, together with other lifestyle advice tailored to your needs. You will be guided and supported by two experienced practitioners.  We liaise with each other every step of the way, so we can adjust and adapt your Programme to meet your unique requirements where necessary.  We validate your Programme by medical testing, outcome measures or through signs and symptoms.  We anticipate you noticing changes throughout your time with us.

The research shows that for hormone levels to change three to six months is required and indeed this amount of time is sometimes required for supplements to take effect. If you are trying to get pregnant, we advise waiting three months before trying to conceive and ideally waiting for the results of your tests, where these have been done.  By combining acupuncture with nutrition and other lifestyle changes, we expect you to respond quicker than six months, so our programme reflects this enhanced progress.


Programme Details

This package includes separate initial consultations for Acupuncture and Nutrition. For the best outcomes, you should aim to complete your initial acupuncture and nutritional therapy consultations within two weeks of each other, after which your treatment programme can begin.

Please note: you will asked to pay the full cost of your initial consultation with each practitioner either before or after your session.  Then if you would like to proceed with the programme the full cost will be payable in advance to each practitioner.


Initial Consultation (75 Minutes)

  • Indepth medical consultation to assess your needs.
  • Health report of your diagnosis and treatment action plan.
  • Email support.


Follow Up Sessions (45 Mins)

After your initial consultation, you may decide you have sufficient information to continue on your own or sign up for a three-month plan of 14 sessions.

£840 (includes £70 discount for package)


Initial Consultation (60 Minutes)

  • Indepth consultation and case analysis.
  • Tailored nutrition and lifestyle programme.
  • Shopping lists and recipe suggestions


Follow Up Sessions (45 Mins)

At these follow-ups we will review your programme, food diary and test results if applicable. These sessions are taken over three months.

£570 (includes a £60 discount for package)

OPtional Extra Sessions

At the finish of this programme, additional sessions are available

Acupuncture £65 ad hoc sessions or package of six sessions £360 (includes £30 discount)

Nutrition £105 ad hoc sessions.