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Before and just after the menopause is a critical window in a time of physiological flux in women, where we have an opportunity for intervention to prevent later illness. Essentially small health problems, if unaddressed, can be amplified in this flux. The close relationship between hormones and the immune system means this is a risky time for the onset or worsening of autoimmune diseases. Also arthritis symptoms can worsen, which we put down to getting older.  Yet it is the interplay of hormones that is causing these symptoms.  It is not a disease, but quality of life can be improved by self-care, better lifestyle choices and where necessary Chinese herbs or Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Thousands of years of Chinese Medicine and philosophical thought can teach us how to nourish our life or Yang Sheng. Self-care, as we transition through the menopause, becomes vital, not just desirable.  I offer a Yang Sheng programme for women aged 40 and over to start this nourishment of their lives at this important time.

Chinese Medicine represents life as a dynamic between Yin and Yang, which are forces that must always be in balance and harmony.  Caring for your Yang Sheng, encouraging balance, is not just about dealing with problems now but preventing illness in the future.  Our lives will always create imbalance and too often we ignore the small signs until they trip us up and we crash.  The skilled physician in Chinese Medicine is one that prevents ill health in both body and mind.  Join me to explore how the wisdom of Chinese Medicine can revitalise your life and help you navigate this process of change.  

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