Peri & Menopause Care

Hormonal hell, menopause mayhem, aches and pains, migraine misery, anxiety, overwhelmed and exhausted, can’t sleep, don’t know where to turn for help?

You’re in the right place.

Hormone Resilience Support

The Benefits

“You may be just coping or you might feel not quite yourself and not sure why.  I can be your trusted guide; I’ve spent hours sifting through the masses of information out there, done specialist Biomedicine training, so that I can give you an unbiased view.  We can plan your route back to vitality and ageing well.”

For many women, changing hormones commonly starts in their 40s and 50s which can be up to 12 years before their periods stop and lead to numerous symptoms. For some women the perimenopause can be worse than the menopause. Symptoms can persist for decades, with some women having hot flushes in their 80s. It is never too late to seek help. Women’s risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, fractures, recurrent urinary tract infections, incontinence, painful sex all increase as their reproductive hormones decline. I support your mind and body to manage these hormonal shifts.

Using acupuncture and the wisdom of Chinese Medicine these changes can be addressed to manage your perimenopause or menopause transition and improve your future health. We can address: hot flushes, nightsweats, aches and pains (arthritis, sciatica etc), insomnia, anxiety, low mood, migraines, loss of bone and muscle mass, difficult menstrual periods that aren’t usual for you.

You may benefit from new exercise ideas, better nutrition or taking supplements and stress reduction. I can connect you with the right experts to help you on this journey, together with lifestyle and diet advice from a Chinese Medicine perspective. As a member of the Newson Health Menopause Society I can help you navigate Hormone Replacement Therapy if this is the right option for you. This will include support to help you get the right advice and HRT from your GP.

To learn more about why self-care is critical in the perimenopause and especially early menopause to prevent future ill health, read my Blog: Perimenopause: opportunity?,  also consider these: Ageing and inflammation,  Vaginal bacterial & fungal Infections

How it Works

Before your consultation, if practicable please email me any relevant biomedical test results and complete a Life and Symptom Diary before your first appointment.  Please download Dr Newson’s Balance App and complete the Journal (this is free and for women who have or don’t have periods). You will be able to email me a Health Report from the Balance App prior to your consultation.  Or complete Greene Menopause Questions and email this to me. If either of these are not possible we can work out a programme from your consultation details. But doing this will allow us to more easily chart any changes in your symptoms.

At your consultation we’ll review any information, test results and medical history, your goals for treatment and create a programme with feedback, ideas and inspiration.

Usually you will be asked to attend weekly sessions where necessary, to get the most benefits from acupuncture. At your first follow-up you can choose to book a package of sessions.  Packages are discounted and time restricted, though this may be extended for holidays and sickness.  Packages are non-refundable but consideration will be given to exceptional circumstances. You can gift any remaining sessions to a friend.

Perimenopause and menopause

Hormone Resilience CARE

Initial Consultation (60 Mins)

This includes taking a full medical history, reviewing any test results, discussing your health concerns and exploring underlying causes.  You will receive email feedback of your treatment plan and if relevant, diet and lifestyle inspiration, together with advice for further medical testing or referral to other health practitioners, such as nutritionists, pelvic health experts, fitness coaching and GP (private or NHS).


Follow Up Sessions (45 Mins)

After your initial consultation, you may decide you have sufficient information to continue on your own or sign up for weekly follow up sessions (45 minutes).  If you are unsure if acupuncture is right for you then you can book an introductory treatment session before buying a package. Or you may simply need fewer sessions and pay as you go. 


£520 x8 (£65 per session) recommended

Further Treatment

Follow up acupuncture sessions can be purchased at each session or you can buy a package:

£75 single sessions

£280 four session package (£70 per session) – 4 months to take from date of purchase.

£520 eight session package (£65 per session) – 4 months to take from date of purchase.

If you have any sessions from your package that you are not able to take, you can gift them to family or friends.  In exceptional circumstances you can be refunded for sessions not taken.  All packages are time-limited, extendable at my discretion.