20 years of experience

Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist

specialising in fertility, IVF, pregnancy, menopause and healthy ageing

My Story

I hope by telling my story that we can discover if we are the right fit for each other.  

Am I the right practitioner for you?

Over two decades ago I was working in Government managing research projects, working long hours, eating takeaways, smoking numerous cigarettes at my desk (yes that was a long time ago!) and socialising most nights. Then a member of my team, said to me “Tracey, you are the most unhealthy person I know”.  Really, surely not I thought, in shock she had said that.  But yes I was.  I had periods from hell, strange pelvic aches, pains in my chest and felt sad if I wasn’t distracting myself with being busy.

I turned to a weekend course in massage for self-relaxation and that was the first turning point.  I then found aromatherapy and became a massage therapist in 2002, while still doing my research job.  I knew fairly quickly that healthcare was the right path for me and started a degree in acupuncture near where I worked.  It was an incredibly tough three years, studying full-time and working in a stressful job, three days a week and doing massage.  I think this high level of stress triggered my autoimmune disease which became severe in 2007, just as I graduated and started working as an acupuncturist.  What timing!

I worked in various South London clinics with many different health practitioners, learning lots from each.  My client files showed from the beginning that people in pain, either physical, emotional or both, sought me out.  Women struggling to have a baby were a big part of those in pain coming to see me, as they still are. I learnt a lot from these women and felt their pain.  But not only that, I invested much time and energy in fertility and obstetric training to become highly skilled and be able to help them better; my practice snowballed.

I’m still a researcher and data geek at heart and bring this to analysing medical tests, basal body temperature charts and Chinese medicine pathology flow diagrams (they are immensely interesting – really!).  But it’s not only the facts and figures that matter, it’s the emotional, the psyche and giving my clients a safe place for them to express whatever they need to say, even if they can’t say this to anyone else.  I offer a non-judgemental, kindly and compassionate ear.  I strive to be a good listener as well as a skilled practitioner.

Tracey Goulding in East Dulwich

We all have a story to tell

Being in such a healing space can bring about changes in the body and mind, that are sometimes profound, inspiring and humbling to see.

Skills and Experience

Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth

I love to study and have trained with highly regarded experts in the field of gynaecology and obstetrics. I have been awarded the well-respected, Advanced Level Diploma in Fertility Acupuncture which covered both Biomedicine and Chinese Medicine. As part of the highly qualified Fertility Support team, I can access top fertility consultants and specialists to tap into their knowledge and interpret diagnostics, such as blood tests. In the often commodified and cutting-edge science of Assisted Reproduction Treatment; this balancing of know-how and options is critical to making sure you are getting the most effective treatment. By offering educated and impartial advice, couples and women going-it-alone, can make informed choices about their fertility, while I also provide safe acupuncture and supportive care throughout our time together.


Navigating the transition through the menopause can be hard for some; there is an appalling lack of knowledge among frontline workers such as GPs, yet it can have devastating, long-term implications for a woman’s health. I offer my knowledge of biomedicine treatment such as HRT, natural interventions, and my skills as an acupuncturist to manage your transition. 

Some of My Training

Advanced Level Diploma in Fertility Acupuncture  Fertility Support Company 

Confidence in the Menopause Education Programme  Newson Health Research

PCOS and Endometriosis and the 8 Extra’s in Fertility  Jani White, NatureChild

Gynaecology and Fertility  Jani White, NatureChild

Obstetric Acupuncture  Jani White, NatureChild & Debra Betts

Yang Sheng Mastery  Alex Jacobs

Neuropuncture Neuroscience Acupuncture  Dr M. Corradino

Sports & Musculoskeletal Injuries  Whitfield Reaves, Kevin Young & Stephen Lee

Spinal Acupuncture  Paul Robin, The College of Chinese Medicine

Trigger Points  Nicholas Garner

Chronic Pain SIRPA

BSc (Hons) Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture University of Westminster

BSc (Hons) Psychology & Biology University of London