Hypnotherapy can help morning sickness – hypnotherapist Kristin Hayward explains why

October 21, 2015 0 comments Pregnancy, Stress

Hypnotherapy can be very effective as a treatment for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Stress and tiredness can contribute to nausea, but by practising hypnotherapy regularly will not only reduce stress but give the pregnant woman positive messages about food. In hypnosis positive suggestion can successfully create physical responses in the body and transform how a mother experiences her pregnancy. Through repeated visualisation her subconscious can encourage her throat and stomach to relax and soften, making swallowing easier and introducing a neutral or even positive response to food, smells and textures.

In pregnancy a mother’s senses may change so reducing sensitivity to taste and smell can prevent unwanted reactions to food. It is important to work with the mother as she may be triggering the nausea subconsciously as negative thoughts and responses about food circulate. Hypnotherapy works particularly well when combined with other therapies and some easy practical techniques (bland food, small bites, regular small meals, set times to eat). When food no longer has a negative trigger then a mother can relax into her pregnancy and connect fully with her baby.

A few sessions with a hypnotherapist may help or you could try listening to a hypnotherapy download, though the downloads offer a general approach which might not be best for you.  Kristin provides a download “Ease Your Morning Sickness”.

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