Fertility Acupuncture

My specialist Fertility Acupuncture enhances hormonal effectiveness, reduces stress, and improves your fertility. Practices: East Dulwich & Crystal Palace.

I’m here to support you on your path to parenthood

Fertility Acupuncture Programme

The Benefits

“Many women come to me in tears, overwhelmed and confused.  They may have had miscarriages or trying unsuccessfully and no one is helping.  I’m a Fertility Support Trained acupuncturist  (the Gold Standard in Fertility Acupuncture training) with years of experience and will develop a plan to support your journey”

You will benefit from my specialist fertility acupuncture in East Dulwich or Crystal Palace if this is you:

  • You’ve been trying to get pregnant for over a year and nothing has happened.
  • You’ve had a miscarriage and wondering what this means and are anxious about trying to get pregnant again.
  • You’ve been diagnosed with unexplained infertility and want to know more and have more investigations.
  • You’ve been diagnosed with low AMH, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, or just told your eggs are ‘old’ and want to know how more and how this can be improved to optimise your fertility.
  • You’re thinking about IVF but are unsure if this is the right for you.
  • You already have a child but can’t get pregnant again and are wondering what’s different this time.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed with stress and anxiety and unsure what to do.

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How it Works

Preparing to conceive is very important. It helps you have the best possible pregnancy, birth and healthy baby. The egg and sperm take about three months to develop, so see this as your minimum preparation time to influence their quality. Lifestyle changes can sometimes take longer to affect the body fully, so thinking 4 to 6 months ahead is much better. However if time is more limited you can do one-off sessions or monthly packages.  If you are searching for support during your IVF, read about my Acupuncture IVF Support Programme.

These are the areas I’ll be assessing to optimise your health and fertility:

  • Menstrual cycle health – irregular periods, hormonal imbalances, PMS, heavy periods, post pill issues.  
  • Immune system – autoimmunity, stress, overactivity.
  • Digestive health – this is important for hormonal health.  Regular bloating, pain, reflux, diarrhoea and constipation.
  • Vaginal health – recurrent infections, past STIs.
  • Sleep – restless sleep, trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, waking up feeling exhausted.
  • Stress – tension, irritability, depression, anxiety, overwhelm.
  • Male fertility –Many men don’t want to have treatment. Yes I get it. But I’ll need them to check on sperm health, which could mean lifestyle changes and testing.  Men are 50% responsible for a healthy pregnancy and child.
  • Good stuff – lifestyle habits that support you (& your partner if that applies).

You can read about the treatments of some of my clients which will give you a flavour of what I’ve treated and what I did: 4 miscarriages, PCOS, sperm defectsEctopic pregnancies, miscarriagesLow ovarian reserve, polypEndometriosis, poor sperm.

FERtility acupuncture Details

Initial FERTILITY Consultation (60 Mins)

  • Indepth medical consultation to assess your needs, review test results, explore underlying health concerns.
  • Email feedback of your treatment plan; including where relevant, diet and lifestyle inspiration, together with advice for medical testing or referral to other health practitioners, such as nutritionists, your GP, gynaecologist or urologist.

£80 individual

£130 couples (90 minutes zoom or in-person) (either consultation together or 45 minutes each running one after the other)

Follow Up FERTILITY Sessions (45 Mins)

After your initial consultation, you may decide you have sufficient information to continue on your own or sign up for 12 weekly follow up sessions (45 minutes). If you are unsure if acupuncture is for you, then book an introductory treatment session before investing in a package.  You will have 4 months to take your sessions from the date of purchase.  You can choose to pay for these sessions individually or in smaller packages (see below).

£720 twelve sessions (£60 per session) Recommended

OPtional Extra FERTILITY Sessions

At the finish of this programme, additional sessions are available or you can choose these packages at the start:

£75 single sessions

£280 four session package (£70 per session)

£520 eight session package (£65 per session)

If you have any sessions from your package that you are not able to take, you can gift them to family or friends.  In exceptional circumstances you can be refunded for sessions not taken.  All packages are time-limited, extendable at my discretion.