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June 20, 2018 0 comments Acupuncture, Pain and Injury

We are electrical and chemical beings so what better way to stop pain signals from the body to the brain than to zap them with an electrical current, or as we acupuncturists call this “electroacupuncture”. If you’ve been to see me, at some point I may have used electroacupuncture on you. But if you haven’t been recently, you will have missed out on experiencing my new gadget – a super effective bit of kit from America with the not-so snappy name of Electrostimulator 8cPro. I will call it my “Stimmer” for short. Applied to various acupuncture points in the body it stimulates your body’s own opioids, such as beta-endorphins and down regulates a major pain centre in the brain. (It does lots of other good stuff too but that will be for other blogs).


In this video (2 mins) my acupuncture colleague Dr Corradino tells how he used his Stimmer on a point on the hand (see photo above) while having mercury fillings removed and replaced from his teeth. He had no topical or injected drug pain relief, only acupuncture. To use an American description – it’s awesome. Please excuse the rather poor quality of the video; I filmed it from my computer. Do share with your friends and family if they are suffering pain.


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