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Tracey has helped many people with strains, repetition strain injuries, joint disorders, sprains, and bursitis. The causes are numerous. These can be work-related, such as computer use causing a repetitive strain injury; damage caused by diseases such as osteoarthritis, autoimmune conditions, or cancer; the tissue can be injured from playing a sport. A number of options could be used for treatment including acupuncture (or electro-acupuncture), neuropuncture (application of neuroscience to acupuncture), SCENAR therapy, massage, cupping, kinesio-taping, heat therapy, liniment or herbs. Best results are for more recent muscle injuries, whereas for ligament injuries, treatment can be prolonged. Rest from the aggravating activity may be necessary initially.

Tracey’s experience treating injury from chronic disease, indicates that after a number of sessions to resolve an acute flare-up, maintenance sessions are generally required as necessary. Frequency depends on your individual circumstances.

Both acupuncture, SCENAR therapy or electroacupuncture/neuropuncture can speed recovery time and improve the eventual outcome by minimising scar tissue, which can leave the area prone to future injury or compromising joint movement.

Some conditions helped are listed here and links to Fact Sheets from the British Acupuncture Council are provided where available. The Fact Sheets provide accurate and unbiased summaries of research and how acupuncture may be beneficial. Unfortunately for SCENAR therapy much of the research has been conducted in Russia and no translation is available.:

If your condition is not listed, contact Tracey to see if she can help you. You should always consult your GP if you have any concerns or talk to Tracey before booking an appointment.

Sessions are aimed at significantly advancing your recovery by:
• Pain-relieving effect
• Reducing inflammation/swelling
• Release of muscle spasms, tightness and contraction
• Increasing joint flexibility and improving posture
• Increasing micro-circulation of blood and waste removal from damaged tissues
• Faster regeneration of tissue
• Regulatory whole-body effect on the body’s systems (nervous, endocrine, immune etc). Thought to be through the release of neuropeptides into the blood stream.
Endorphins, your body’s natural wellbeing hormones, are released during treatment, so you feel calm and good. This reduces psychological stress, which is important for performing at your peak physical level or being able to deal with chronic pain or a life-limiting illness. Regular acupuncture sessions before and after events, such as sports or dance competitions, can enhance your performance too.
Tracey offers treatments before and after events or gym workouts for people playing sports as well as professional or recreational dancers. This helps prevent injuries, increases muscular output and enhances recovery time. This can add years to the career and life of athletes and dancers. It also gives you a competitive edge. Traditional Chinese Medicine offers many tools for treating soft tissue injuries and pain including acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, cupping and acupressure/massage. Tracey’s approach also incorporates the most technically advanced system called Scenar Therapy and electroacupuncture. An approach which can powerfully and safely stimulate your body’s own natural self-healing and pain-relieving systems, bringing fast relief, sometimes in minutes. Read more about Scenar Therapy.

Peter, 42: Lower Back and Knee pain
A keen weekly amateur footballer, Peter experienced sharp pain in his lower back while playing a match. His movement became restricted and dull pain also developed in his left knee. After driving home he could hardly get out of his car, the pain was now extremely painful and he did not sleep well that night. The next day he came to see me; he was still in much pain and could not walk properly. I treated him with the SCENAR for the back and acupuncture for his knee. He had a 50% reduction in his pain and his muscles had relaxed allowing greater movement. I saw him again 3 days later and after this treatment, he was fully recovered and able to play football the following weekend.

Barbra, 63: Tennis Elbow
Barbra had developed tennis elbow in her right arm and received chiropractic and sports massage treatment. She came to see me after 3 months. Her arm movement was significantly restricted and painful. She also experienced tingling in her middle fingers of her right hand. On examination I found she had extremely tight upper back muscles, extensor muscles of the forearm and tender biceps. I treated her three times using acupuncture, after which she reported a 99% improvement.

Mary, 41: Headache
After 11 days of a constant headache, Mary came to see me. She was 14 weeks pregnant and had been taking paracetamol, but the pain-killers were not helping. Mary was prone to frequent headaches and migraines but was distressed that the medication was not helping and the duration was longer than the usual 3 to 5 days she normally experienced. The pain was making her feel extremely tired and irritable. After a consultation, I used acupuncture which gave her intermittent pain relief. Four days later I saw her again, the headache was more concentrated at the back her head. I used trigger-point acupuncture which activates then relieves the pain. We also discussed improvements she could make to her posture and stretching exercises. After the treatment she reported no headache. A month later she came to see me for low back pain and reported no reoccurrence of her headache.

Diana, 51: Scoliosis and headaches
Diana came to see me with mid and upper back pain and frequent headaches. Her work required her to use the computer for most of the day. She also experienced anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Initially I treated her weekly for five treatments and then every two weeks for three months. I used acupuncture, cupping and electrotherapy (SCENAR and electro acupuncture). The headaches disappeared after the third treatment and the back pain and soreness reduced to occasional aches and twinges. Her sleep improved considerably and anxiety was reduced. Diana has made changes to her posture while working and reviewed her day-to-day activities and exercises to improve her back functioning. I now see her monthly as a preventative treatment to ensure muscle re-adjustment, better joint functioning and repair.

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