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Enduring pain during pregnancy because you are pregnant is not necessary.

Vera aged 41 was pregnant with twins.  At 25 weeks she came to see me in a terribly distressed state.  For three months she had been having rib pain and in the last 3 weeks sciatica.  It was so painful she struggled to sleep and found it difficult to walk.  Her midwife offered her a walking stick and said this is what pregnancy can be like.

I used cupping (type of massage) and acupuncture for her rib pain.  For her sciatica I located tight muscles, which were especially numerous in her gluteal or buttock muscles and released these. I gave her press tacks (small needles) to use between treatments and applied kinesio taping to help rebalance her muscles.  She negotiated working from home to reduce aggravating factors, such as travelling on the tube.  I saw her twice in one week, then weekly for two more sessions.  Her rib pain cleared and her sciatica pain was so much reduced, she no longer required further treatment.

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Names have been changed.

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