Couple fertility

This story shows how difficult it is to predict infertility and gloomy prognoses by fertility consultants are not always accurate.

Marianne aged 37 had been trying for a baby for 2 years. She then consulted a fertility clinic, which had given her clomid for three months but had no effect. Marianne came to see me at this point. Due to her work commitments we scheduled two treatments per month at particular times in her menstrual cycle, including dietary and lifestyle advice. She decided to use a different fertility clinic. Tests revealed a polyp in the lining of her uterus and low ovarian reserve. She also had a relatively short cycle varying between 23 to 25 days. After six acupuncture sessions over three months, her fertility consultant said IVF was her only option and that “there was no chance she would get pregnant naturally”. However contrary to this negative prediction which was devastating for Marianne, she fell pregnant after her 6th session without the need to go through IVF.

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Names have been changed.

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