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For these clients there were fertility challenges for both but with treatment and lifestyle changes they managed to conceive.

Poor semen & irregular, heavy periods

Natalie first came to see me after they had been trying unsuccessfully for 1 year. The GP had referred them for fertility tests which revealed poor sperm results, particularly poor morphology. Natalie’s menstrual cycle was irregular with heavy bleeding and very painful. We worked on regulating her cycle and improving her hormonal balance. I saw her three times a month. Her partner, James was very scared of needles, so I emphasised lifestyle and dietary changes and kept sessions to a minimum both in frequency and duration. After 3 months Natalie become pregnant but sadly miscarried at 5 weeks.

Another miscarriage, endometriosis & lifestyle changes

We continued treatment and her cycles were now much more regular. Three months later she was pregnant again but again miscarried at just after 5 weeks. I recommended a hypnotherapy download to reduce Natalie’s stress and counteract negative thoughts. Also James made further improvements to his diet and lifestyle, which he had been struggling with. Further fertility investigations revealed Natalie had endometriosis and she was offered an operation to remove it.

However Natalie fell pregnant again, now a year after I first started treating her. Though she had a busy schedule, we managed to fit in twice-weekly sessions up to 6 weeks and then weekly until 12 weeks. After this the sessions were much reduced. She required an acupuncture induction to facilitate labour before threatened medical intervention (the midwife had been unable to do a membrane sweep) and two days after she this gave birth to a healthy girl.

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Names have been changed.

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