Couple fertility

This client was unusual in that she was only 27 when she came to see me for acupuncture (I usually see older women) and she ovulated three eggs at the same time on the cycle she became pregnant!  We worked together for a number months to enable her to get pregnant naturally.

Medical history

Zandra had one child born eight years ago and for the past six years she had been trying for another baby.  During our consultation I learnt that Zandra’s first child’s birth was traumatic; she developed pre-eclampsia, haemorrhaged during the birth and the placenta was retained.  This lead to pelvic inflammatory disease and adhesions. She then sadly endured two ectopic pregnancies, which resulted in one fallopian tube being removed.  After this she managed to get pregnant, but a scan at 7 weeks revealed no heartbeat, using pessaries, she miscarried at 9 weeks. 

Acupuncture treatment

Five months after this miscarriage she came to see me for acupuncture.  Her other medical history revealed severe IBS and kidney infections every 3 months, due to an anatomical defect. We initially commenced 3 sessions per month.  After the 4th session she had a kidney infection, which was cleared with antibiotics.  After 2 months, due to work commitments Zandra was unable to continue trying for a baby.  We continued twice monthly treatments to optimise her fertility and improve her overall health.

After 6 months, she began trying for a baby again, so treatments were timed to coincide with her menstrual cycle.  Fours months later she was pregnant, but at 4 weeks, sadly the foetus was lost.  After this, she followed a nutritionist’s strict dietary advice, which stopped her IBS attacks, but she then contracted a kidney infection. However this was now a year later from the last one, which was a massive improvement from having them every three months. We focussed her treatments just before and after ovulation.  Three months later, after releasing 3 eggs at ovulation, she fell pregnant.  Her gynaecologist commented that the baby is a “miracle baby”.  

Names have been changed.

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