Avocado, roasted tomatoes and egg on toast

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This is nutritious and tasty lunch. Eggs and avocado in Chinese Medicine are good for building yin and ‘blood’.   Avocado contains lots of vitamins but also oleic acid, a fat which is contained in olive oil and believed to have many health benefits. Eggs are a great protein source and contain minerals, including iron amongst many others.


The recipe calls for roasted tomatoes and I’d recommend ‘The Tomato Stall’ Isle of Wight tomatoes, they are delicious (available from Franklin’s farm shop in East Dulwich at time of writing)

I get my eggs from a stall in East Dulwich’s Saturday market, the owner sells mostly eggs. The bread is from Franklin’s farm shop and very more’ish. Tim, the owner, knows his food!


Ingredients for 1


1 Avocado

1 tsp olive oil

A squeeze of lemon (optional)

2 slices of your favourite bread

Roasted tomatoes

1 or 2 eggs depending on how hungry you are


Salt and pepper


Poach your egg(s). Blend 1 avocado with olive oil, S&P and lemon if using. Toast bread. Spread avocado on the toast, dot with the lovely roasted tomatoes, put your poached egg on top and sprinkle with chopped chives and a grind of pepper.


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