Appointment Policy

If you are considering booking a session with me, please take a minute to read my practice guidelines to keep you safe and my Appointment Policy.  We look at the tongue to help our diagnosis, so please scroll down the page to learn how to take a photo of your tongue for your appointment.  If you want to read more about tongue diagnosis click this blog post.

Due to COVID-19 appointments in East Dulwich and Crystal Palace are different to minimise risk of virus transmission.  Your cooperation is much appreciated, so we all stay safe.

1. Attend your appointment on your own.
2. Wear your own facemask or other face covering when entering the premises, though this might need to be removed during treatment.
3. I am minimising the use of towels. The treatment couch is covered with couch roll to allow easy disinfection between clients. You may need to bring a scarf if you think you might not be warm enough.
4. Take a photo of your tongue for diagnosis – where possible – and email to me prior to your appointment (instructions below)
5. Please arrive on time. If you arrive early, please wait in your car where possible or text me to let me know you have arrived early – I will then confirm whether it is ok to enter. (At the Little Escape you can wait in reception)
6. On entering the premises, please wash your hands or use the hand sansitiser in the treatment room .   The government guide on how to wash your hands is here:
7. During your treatment, where practicable, I will leave you in the treatment room alone once the needles are in. I will be nearby should you need me.
8. To minimise use of the card & pin, please either bring the exact amount in cash or pay remotely where possible (contactless is available for cards on watches or phones or I can send a text payment link).


I am leaving more time between clients so I can clean and air the treatment room. All surfaces touched by you (couch, door handles, chair, table, toilet …everything!) will be disinfected before the next client.

You will be sent a screening form asking about your health. Please fill this in and email to me on or before the morning of your appointment.

Tongue Diagnosis

In Traditional Chinese Medicine we look at your tongue, it helps us gain a picture of your health. Please take a photo of your tongue by standing in natural daylight where possible, such as in front of a window. Stick your tongue out in a relaxed way and open your mouth wide (tricky I know ) – I should be able to see the back of your tongue. Please email this photo to me before your appointment.

This is VERY important – if you develop Covid-19 symptoms or have a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 within 14 days of leaving my practice, please tell me.

Cancellation/rescheduled Appointments

24 hour’s notice is required for cancelled or rescheduled appointments to avoid the cancellation fee (full fee charged). This applies for whatever reason so that I do not have to make value judgments and enter a discussion about what is considered a reasonable reason to cancel/reschedule an appointment. It also allows me time to schedule another cllient that would also benefit from treatment. If you are late for your appointment you will have a reduced treatment time but the fee will remain the same. This appointment policy allows us to develop a mutual consideration and respect for my time and yours.

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