Are you missing the point of acupuncture?

February 20, 2012 0 comments News

Corny headline I know, but apparently new research suggests there are some big myths about acupuncture.  A common one is that acupuncturists use injection style needles.  Ouch! Now that would be painful. Consequently, my professional body has decided to do some myth-busting and launch the first ever Acupuncture Awareness Week at the end of February.  My article tackles some of the commonest myths about acupuncture.


Your friends and family could be missing the point of acupuncture


Recent research has revealed that over 21% of the British public think an acupuncturist’s needle is as large as that used in an injection, proving that despite the ancient Chinese medicine’s rising popularity there are still a host of common misconceptions surrounding the treatment.  Nearly double this amount of consumers (40%) think that acupuncture provides a placebo effect, yet the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines recommend acupuncture as a first line treatment for persistent, non-specific low back pain (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence clinical guideline 88 – Low back pain  – NICE is the independent body set up to maintain standards of excellence in the NHS). Are your friends and family holding similar misconceptions about acupuncture?


Because these myths are so strong, the British Acupuncture Council who commissioned the research of 3,000 adults in November 2011, is to launch the first ever Acupuncture Awareness Week in the UK (taking place 27th February – 4th March 2012) which aims to give consumers all the information they need about treatment. Visit for more information and personal stories from men and women who have had acupuncture.  Help me banish the myths and provide all the answers for those people who want to try acupuncture.

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