Health approach

Hello, I’m Tracey Acupuncturist in London. I nurture fertility, offer safe care in pregnancy and navigate women through the menopause and healthy ageing. My evidence-based and Chinese Medicine approach might be just what you need for mind and body.

This is Me

I’ve spent two decades working to help others feel better and achieve their health and wellbeing goals.  I’ve many years accumulating experience in East Dulwich and Crystal Palace, knowledge and technical skills.  I think a lot, analyse, read and do.  I work with head, heart and hands. I’ve a wide health lens spanning biomedicine, Traditional Chinese medicine and complementary therapies. 

What I Do

I’m expert in fertility, assisted reproduction, pregnancy and the menopause and have worked with countless women and couples. I can support you through the hormonal and health challenges of fertility, pregnancy and before and after the menopause, also ageing and disease, with my experience, empathy and dedicated care. I engage with you to bring insight into your health, create wellbeing partnerships and through this powerful engagement effect change. Are you ready?

Explore my website, read about my practice of care, how I connect, what I can do for you.  Optimise your health and wellbeing with my support and care; this is the start.  Let’s do this together. 

Choose Your Treatment

Trying for a Baby

My specialist Fertility Acupuncture enhances hormonal effectiveness and reduces stress, and improves your fertility.

Going Through IVF

Your IVF Protocol will be optimised with my Fertility IVF Support to increase your chances of success.

Already Pregnant

From early Pregnancy through to Birth, my acupuncture eases your journey. 

Hormone Resilience

Shifting hormones start well before the menopause.  My Peri and Menopause Care offers a route to vitality and to help you traverse this transition.

Client Stories


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