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Frequently Asked Questions

S.C.E.N.A.R. Therapy (Self-Controlled Energo-Neuro Adaptive Regulator) is a safe, non-invasive, pain-free therapy which kick-starts the body’s own natural processes to regain health. SCENAR Cosmodic uses revolutionary SMART technology, the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and neuroscience to promote the body’s own natural healing abilities. It is the technology of medication-free regeneration and recovery. Using electronic biofeedback through the body’s own skin and nervous system, the SCENAR sends mild electrical impulses to the brain where the body’s own natural pharmacy of neuropeptides and other bioactive chemicals are stimulated into action. The SCENAR signals have a much higher capacity to excite the neuropeptide-producing C-fibres (80-85% of nerve fibres in the body) than any other form of electrotherapy. These unique characteristics of the signal produce effects that are much more wide-ranging and far longer lasting. The SCENAR device was developed in the 1970s, by the Russian Government which was looking for drug-free therapies for space travel. The science team who developed the SCENAR device was awarded the Order of Lenin (equivalent to the Nobel Prize). In the West, the SCENAR was immediately dubbed the ‘Star Trek’ device by the press because of its origins and its similarity to the ‘all-curing’ medical scanner used in the series, Star Trek. When the Russian Federation disintegrated the Government research programme was abandoned. However, two of the original scientists continued to develop SCENAR and bring it to the West. Professor Revenko continued developing complex neurological protocols to influence the nervous system using 1980s SCENAR technology. Whereas Professor Karasev continued to refine the device, leading to SMART Cosmodic technology. He continues to develop the Cosmodic device today and pursue his 1970s aim to bring a universal medical electrical pill to the public:

“Using reflex mechanisms for self-treatment is a very good idea. And it can be used for treatment of nearly all diseases. As any irritation is transmitted in our body in the form of nerve (electrical) impulses, it should be possible to make a universal “electrical” pill, why not?” Professor Karasev 1972.

Skin is known to be able to regulate various physiological functions of the body. The skin can sense detailed information about all processes occurring in the internal organs and receive external information and react to irritation through mechanical action (e. g. acupuncture, massage), exposure to heat, electric current, magnetic field, biological field, laser or ultrasound. Skin can receive such information in the form of electric, optic, thermal, chemical, magnetic, mechanical and other signals, then process them and send them in encoded form to the regulating systems of the body. Skin is interconnected with internal organs and systems of the body. Therefore, any malfunctions occurring in the organs or systems of the body also influence the skin condition. So the skin carries information about the condition of the sick organs or malfunctions of the body systems. We can influence the sick organs and malfunctions in the body from the outside through the skin, while acting upon the certain skin areas. The electrical conduction, capacity, temperature and sensitivity of the skin change when something is going wrong in the body. Depending on the areas being irritated, body reactions upon the irritation are different as our nervous system adjusts the body functioning to the present environment the body lives in. The skin areas manifesting increased physiological activity are used for action during treatment of diseases with SCENAR-therapy. SCENAR and Cosmodic devices act upon the body with short-pulse low-frequency signals when the electrodes contact skin. Parameters of the acting signal are set automatically according to the biological feedbacks. In other words, when the electrodes touch the skin, the device receives information about the body’s state. Depending on the condition of the body the device forms and sends neuro-like impulses to the body. These impulses carry information necessary for normal functioning of the body organ or system. First of all, SCENAR and Cosmodic action is focused on normalization of the disordered functions of the body. The main objective here is providing harmony and stimulating the defensive forces and latent reserves of the body. In fact, it is not the device that treats your diseases, but your own body. It only helps the body to remember how the healthy organs should work and recover. The brain controls all organs and tissues by means of electric pulses. It follows, that we can act upon the body, internals and nervous system through skin using electric pulses, similar to the natural ones. SCENAR is the very device able to generate such electric pulses that are physiologically close to those imported to the brain.
SCENAR is used for recovery and rehabilitation and is not condition dependent. Only those with pacemakers cannot receive this treatment. Russian experience is that SCENAR affects all the body systems and can be effective for a very broad range of diseases.
During your first session you will be asked to complete a full medical history. Then readings will be taken using the device on your spine while you are seated. After this treatment will be given on the back. This affects the whole body through the nerves that exit the spine; this is the fastest route to access the brain and central nervous system. The device facilitates the brain to resonate at frequencies set by the device and in this way promote healing. The device will then be moved over other areas of the body and on the local area of complaint. You may be asked to stand, sit or lay on the treatment couch. It may be necessary to shave an area of skin to ensure good communication between the device and the body.
When the SCENAR is applied to the skin you will feel a gentle pins and needles sensation, you will be asked what energy level is comfortable for you. If you prefer no sensation this is possible without interfering with the effectiveness of the device
Extremely. In Russia it has been approved and used for general medical use and after more than 30 years of daily use there are no reports of unwanted side effects.
If you have been prescribed medication it advisable to tell your doctor that you are planning to have SCENAR therapy. Do not stop taking your medication. At your first consultation you will be asked about what medication and supplements you are taking as this may affect your response to the treatment.
This will vary depending on your fitness, duration of the complaint, medications used, nutrition and other lifestyle factors. Typically SCENAR cosmodic action must be given more frequently at the beginning of the course of treatment e.g. once or twice a week. As things improve the frequency can be reduced. A course usually involves 8 to 15 treatments, acute cases often less. With long-standing chronic cases, after a break of about a month or two, a second course can be given, if necessary. When treating with the SCENAR device it is very important to treat frequently and for long enough to ensure that the condition is fully resolved. It is like pushing a rusty wheel up a steep hill. Once you get to the top, the wheel will go along on its own, but if you get half way up and then stop, it will roll right back down to the bottom and you are back to where you started! It is the same with SCENAR. You have to give the body and the brain enough information and momentum to be able to do the work itself, once it knows what to do, it will continue on its own, but stop too soon and it will simply return to how it was before you started.
SCENAR continues to work even after you have completed your course of treatment so do not be concerned if you are discharged before you are completely better. Most people continue to improve for approximately three months after treatment. It is also common to experience flare ups of old symptoms and pain during this period as the body continues to heal and this is completely normal. You should contact your therapist if you are concerned or if the symptoms last more than a few days or are severe. Contact your therapist if you experience any new or unusual symptoms.
In the UK, the British Standards Institute licenses the device for pain relief. However in Russia SCENAR series devices are approved for practical application by the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation, Registration Certificate 29-199/40-5 of August 23, 1993. SCENAR Cosmodic technology was approved by the Federal Agency for Public Health and Social Development in 2006. This means that SCENAR Cosmodic can officially be used in all medical institutions, together with older SCENAR devices for a wide range of health conditions. Many Russian health practitioners currently use the device as their principal instrument of treatment. They have a vast wealth of information available from research papers, clinical reports and training manuals. It is used for most types of disorders and injuries. Musculoskeletal, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urinary and genital, neurological and skin conditions. It has also been found to be beneficial in disorders of the blood, disorders involving immune mechanisms, endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders as well as stress and emotional disturbances.
During the treatment of chronic conditions old and forgotten symptoms may surface for a short time. SCENAR Cosmodic promotes detoxification and if this happens too fast for the body to cope with, symptoms such as headaches, diarrhoea, increased sweating, more frequent urination, short-lived skin rashes may occur. It is advisable to drink plenty of good quality water during the period of receiving a course of treatment to enhance the detoxification process while leading a healthy lifestyle. For best results it is advisable not to bathe, shower nor wash for two to three hours before and after treatment and not to wear any make up nor skin conditioner.
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